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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Warm and sqwadgie
still and soft
on my Pop's lap you can find me oft
If you want to entice me but you don't have treats
I might be persuaded for a look at Kukka's teats

This is my Pop's lap. I love, love, love it. I wish he would stay home all the time so I could lay on him. I have tried everything to keep him home. I bite him when he tries to put his shoes on. I yowl at him as he tries to get ready to go to his office. I bite his ankles, sit on his lap in the morning and try to entice him to sleep a little more and I have even done bad stuff to keep his attention and keep him home. Nothing has ever worked.

After he leaves I drive my mom crazy by screaming for him. I finally give up and wait for him to come home and when he does I am on his lap as soon as he sits down. Mom's lap is ok but she squirms and gets up too much. Pop can stay still for hours and hours. He is the best Pop ever. Every lap cat should be so lucky.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ok. Well mom & dad our back and boy did it take em forever to get back to handling my bloggie stuff...sheesh. I mean c'mon there is nothing in their pathetic lives more important than me! Anyway, it was pretty exciting while they were gone. They had mom's bestest friend stay at the house and she brought he boyfriend one night and they actually got in my beans BED!! All 3 of us (puss, midnight & myself) couldn't believe our eyes. Strange beans in our bed! Luckily they didn't embarrass themselves in front of us, if you know what I mean. Most of the time she was alone with us tho...but man she seemed to spend more time with the fish than with us. Whatever. I am just glad that they are back and things can get back to normal. Lap time, lap time, lap time! Yea me!

Thanks for all the nice notes. I missed you guys too and will really be on my bean to help me more. I can't tell you how awesome it was to see Luna is back home. It's a catblog miracle! Seriously. My sister Puss lived on the streets before the cat catcher found her...her tail was broken and everything. And you all know Midnight was a stray homeless cat that found our backyard one day...She's a scrapper. Well we are just glad she is home. I am off for a bit. I think mom may have left some plastic on the counter and after she leaves I am gonna get my chomp on!

ooohh yaaaawwwrrrrllll!