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Friday, June 16, 2006

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!!! Well today I went for my first walk outside (not in the backyard on my harness). This is the REAL outside. Where dogs can come up to you and other humans too! Thats why my parents won't just let me walk on the harness. I meowed the whole time but in the end I started to groove. I really wanted to walk on my own but they just would not let me!!

Here are a few other pictures of my adventure... Make sure to check out Puss's page cause she got to go out too. I don't think she liked it although she was all hopped up to go she was a big baby and stayed mostly in the back.

Have I ever told you how extremely vocal I am? My parents say I talk nearly non-stop all the time. I like Kukka wish they would just learn to speak meow. God! Here I was telling em to go faster!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

OH MY GOD IT"S HERE!!!!!! My stroller/walker thingy is here....My dad had to put it together and I got to go out front for a bit in the dark...I tried to push my head out of the mesh but I couldn't get out. I overheard them talking about taking out tomorrow morning for a "walk" hmmm. I will try to get my camera crew out with us so I can show it to you. I can hardly wait! Kukka, here I come! Wooo Hooo.

Of course my adventure will never be as good as my friend Zeus. http://zeusexcuse.blogspot.com//. Man, you had quite an adventure in London with Fat Eric. You two look great at Big Ben!!!! MEEE-OUT.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Dudes!!! This is my favorite toy of all time. Sometimes my mom will throw two toys (I am a fetcher) and see which one I pick to play with and I ALWAYS pick this one. They can't leave this one out cause I WILL eat it. It's crunchy-crusty with my spit and I adore it!

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Guess who's back...Yup. It's me. The incredibly sleek and handsome Buddy. I sure have missed the kitty blog family. Since we moved to this new place, I haven't been able to go for walks with my harness because we don't have a big backyard anymore. Just a few opportunities to bask in the sun on our 2nd floor patio. Puss got banned cause she jumped onto the guard rail. BIG TROUBLE. And you know that we have also been banned from the new couch in the living room (the den is still ok). So this cat has been going a little stir crazy. There have been rumors however...Midnight overheard our humans discussing getting a "pet stroller"???? I don't know what this is but midnight said they were talking about me looking at cows, birds and other things I don't really know about. I hope I can use it to get to visit Kukka and Brach. That would be fun!