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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

OK. Help me out here. Homeslice finds love. PUSS finds a potential hook-up. Whats wrong with a little black cat? I am petite, I work out everyday, I have an accent, and I am also a great snugger. Yes, I have a hide chewing problem and I am missing my "canine" teeth, but all in all, I am a catch! Well, my mom thinks I'm pretty.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Today was a purr-fect day. I woke up with my humans and then they were gone almost all day. Leaving me free to sleep, eat, attack, sleep, use the litter box, sleep, attack, eat, and sleep. Now that they are home I will "live" on my pop's lap all night long. If he was a really good human he would let me stay all day and all night but he keeps mentioning something about having to work to buy food?? Whatever. They have also stopped bugging me with the thing that flashes me in the eyes...Something about batteries. I am sure Kukka liked my poem. I am thinking of other ways I can woo her, but honestly if she isn't already taken by my smooth, soft as velvet fur and my woo-ing ways she may be missing the boat. I see many others have mentioned I have my work cut out for me but really if you consider woo-ing work, you never will. Puss is driving me nuts with her "my blog is better" crap. and I think Midnight and she have spent too much time together because they agree way too much. I have even heard them mentioning something about the Female Feline Organization. What ever happened to finding purpose in serving your male? Mee-out!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Poem For Miss Kukka-Maria

Empress, tabby, in which I will woo,
Feline perfection and some junk in there too.
With my perrrfect hide and no sucky treats,
We will leave the faucet running and sleep on my sheets.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hi I'm Midnight. It has come to my attention that Buddy is trying to "woo" another cat named...Have I got this right? Kukka? Now I don't have anything against her, I just think she needs to know what she may getting herself into with Buddy aka "Homeslice". While it is true that he is a good snugger, he yowls all the time. I mean you can't shut the guy up! He isn't lying when he says he likes to look at himself. Our parents can only get him out of the bathroom with treats. He will stay in there for hours on end looking and yowling...Oh yes and demanding they turn the faucet on for him. Sheesh. And as far as his neck bites go, well he could ease up a bit.
Till Soon


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I am truly honored by the mention on Miss Kukka-Maria's blog. I was not aware that she had any other "real" suitors and I look forward to any challengers that dare to take me on. Obviously I will not win this tabby over with my looks and chompping alone. So I have decided to write a poem in her honor. For those who don't know I am a great poet. I will share one with you now:

Sleek and shiny sunshine cat
struttin', walkin', he's all that!

Written about me of course as I saunter in the sunshine. I am off now to get my thinker thinking.


Welcome to my cave. I was inspired to make this blog by Kukka-Maria. She is lovely and I intend to woo her with my sleek hide and charming neck biting. As you can see by this picture I only sleep on 800 count Egyptian cotton sheets and enjoy the kind of luxuries I know would make Kukka happy. I live with two other fine felines. A tabby named Boo-Boo and a black beauty named Midnight. They both worship me and do as I tell them. As do my humans. All this talk has made me weary. I must nap now.